How to "unplug" this holiday season

Has anyone tried "going off the grid" for a hot minute?  

If you haven't heard of this expression, don't be alarmed. We are all in a state of attachment to our cellphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and anything digital it seems these days.

Sit in a restaurant and count how many people sit at the table with friends and family to stare at their phones and not be fully present. It is a state, unfortunately, our world is living in that comes with a substantial cost.

Let's begin with how our day starts. How many of us wake up to our alarm on our phones and commence our day scrolling Instagram? (don't worry, we do it too, and if you are on IG, are you following us?) All jokes aside, our screen time has dramatically increased over the years, and it seems to be causing a vast epidemic of disconnection, being not-present, and addicted to social media platforms and our cellphones.  

How many of you reading this article have found yourself randomly picking up your phone to check your emails, your Facebook account, amazon, or play a quick round of candy crush while being in the presence of others? How many of you pay attention to the notification our cell phones send us weekly telling us how much screen time we have had over the last week, only to be shocked by the percentage of time we spend on our devices? 

 It's come to a point today, where we find it most uncomfortable to be without our cell phones or even wifi and need a digital detox more than ever.  

So how can we start to " un-plug" and detox from our digital devices for 2020? Here are a few of my favorite tips:

  • Plan 1-2 hours a day to turn off your cell phone or place on silence when you get home. Place it in another room or keep it in your purse.
  • Set screen time for yourself - use the app on your phone that limits how much screen time/social networking hours you get in a day.
  • Choose to enjoy your weekends--do not open your emails or work emails until Monday am.
  • Take 24 hours to shut out the digital world. Take a break from all social networks, cell phones, TV, etc.--spend some time outside and in nature.
  • Keep your devices in a certain place in your home--when our phones or devices aren't attached to us, we don't crave them as much.

 Starting with a few small changes gives us a chance to be more present in our lives with those around us. The more we disconnect from our devices, the easier it becomes. The benefits of digitally detoxing can include less anxiety, better sleep habits, reduced stress, and more presence.


Try to make "Unplugging" one of your 2020 Health goals!